Image resolution is usually determined by the number of information or details the specific image has and one of the ways it can be measured is through megapixels (MP). One megapixel contains one million pixels, which are small squares that are put together to form an image. This means that with higher pixel counts, the image resolution would be better as there is more information or details being captured.

For digital images, they are calculated by pixels per inch(PPI). Hence with the concept of 1MP being equivalent to 1 million pixels, a 20MP camera can produce images with 20 million PPI while a 10MP camera can produce images with 10 million PPI. The image will be sharper for 20MP camera as there are more pixels per inch as compared to the 10MP camera. 

Currently, there are many different cameras in the market that are capable of creating 3D virtual tours. Different cameras will give different levels of measurement accuracy and image quality. The Matterport Pro 2 camera is a 3D scanner that captures stunning images as well as 3D data at the same time hence its measurement accuracy is far more accurate compared to consumer 360 cameras that capture flat images and depend on artificial intelligence to artificially convert them to form the 3D model.

Matterport Pro 2 camera vs consumer 360 cameras

TUBEAR uses Matterport Pro2 Camera that has a resolution of 134MP for our 3D Virtual Tours as we want to give our clients the highest image quality possible. The image quality from the Matterport Pro 2 camera is far more superior compared to consumer 360 cameras that are only up to 34MP. You can find a side-by-side comparison of an image taken from a consumer 360 camera (34MP) vs Matterport pro 2 (134MP). 

Additionally, there is a huge difference in terms of the color contrast and the image from the Matterport Pro2 camera is far more vibrant. The higher resolution makes the virtual tour look more appealing with the vibrant colors and image quality provided which helps to bring more interest to your listing. 

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If you are looking for a way to showcase your company’s potential space offered to your potential customers, Virtual Tour would be a great help to you! Here’s a brief piece of information about virtual tours and the reasons why it is beneficial for your campaign:

1. Features

Matterport 3D Virtual Tour aims to give you a full view of the space through the Dollhouse view, Floorplan View, and Explore 3D Space. This tour is interactive and easy-to-use where you are able to move around the space step by step to have a look at the individual space. Additionally, you can view the tour anywhere and anytime like it’s a 24/7 open house!

2. Google Street View

The tour can be converted and we also provide assistance in publishing it into Google Street View where the public is able to explore and interact with your company, providing them with a realistic experience with your business. This helps to improve customer experience by showing the atmosphere of your company and demonstrating the quality of your business, so customers can see that your business matches their exact needs. As a result, it allows you to stand out from your competitors and bring more customers to your business.

With the fact that Google is the Number 1 search engine, the possibility of the public discovering your company is high as 84% of the searches are users discovering new places. With an updated Google Street View, you will be able to bring in more online traffic flow and convince users to be your customers.

3. Video Walkthrough

Furthermore, the Matterport 3D Virtual Tour can be converted into a video that can be posted on your business’s social media platforms. It is easy to share things around on social media and with the increasing number of social media users, your company will be able to reach out to a larger target audience. Hence, when more attention is being brought to your company, you will be able to gain more traffic and appear higher in search results which in turn, brings in more brand awareness and brand recall. 

TUBEAR provides virtual tour services where our personnel are highly skilled and trained to deliver the best solutions with sincerity and integrity. Our goal is to enhance our clients’ business reach by bringing in more online traffic flow with our innovative technology solutions.

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There are many ways where real estate agents like you can market your property listings to potential buyers, and Matterport 3D Virtual Tour is one of them. You must be wondering aside from the features that it provides, what other reason does it help you to market more properties? Here we will be sharing with you more about it:

1. Save more time for agents

With Matterport 3D Virtual Tour being introduced to the market, it has made property viewing easier where you and your buyers would not need to go on-site as often but instead, you can rely on the virtual tour that is made available 24/7. Rather than showing only one unit, Matterport 3D Virtual Tour allows agents to showcase more units to interested buyers for viewing, saving time for both parties where the time of traveling down to the unit has been reduced. As a result, the time saved allows agents to attend to more potential buyers and from there, secure more deals.

2. View more properties conveniently

As Matterport 3D Virtual Tour is accessible 24/7 on electronic devices, along with the increased usage of these devices like mobile phones and laptops, it has made property viewing more convenient. Buyers can view the tour anytime and anywhere at their own pace whereby it’s different from on-site viewing. Additionally, the tour can be shared and viewed easily with your clients through a URL link.

Moreover, due to the current pandemic, it is hard to make arrangements for on-site property viewing as several restrictions are implemented for safety. Therefore, to overcome this, the use of Matterport 3D Virtual tours to market property listings has also made property viewing more convenient as physical interaction has been lessened.

Our goal is to provide you with additional assistance to help market more properties with our Matterport 3D Virtual Tour, which offers you the experience as if you are really viewing the unit! For more enquiries, contact us at 8188 8932 or visit our website at www.tubear.co

Many real estate industry players and corporate companies today are relishing the many beneficial features of the Matterport 3D Virtual Tour. These features include “Explore 3D space”, “Dollhouse view”, “Floorplan view” and more. Here, we introduce these transformational features for your further understanding:

1. Explore 3D Space

This feature enables an in-person experience of touring the property despite it being done virtually. You would be able to navigate the space step by step, floor by floor, and room by room to have a detailed look at the property. Explore 3D Spaces is a truly defining feature that makes the property-viewing experience uncompromised during this pandemic where onsite viewings may not be possible. Still, enjoy the feeling of viewing the property as though you are actually there

2. DollHouse View

The DollHouse view allows you to see the entire property in place. This is particularly helpful for multi-storey properties as users can clearly see the different levels. The feature ties the entire property together, showing you the proximity of one room to another, giving you a satisfactory view of the space and size that cannot be matched by 2D photos and videos.

3. Floorplan View

Fancy a helicopter view of the property? You would be able to do so through the floorplan feature. You can choose to view the different floors in their entirety. Unlike the DollHouse view that showcases the property in 3D, the floorplan view gives users a view of the property in a 2D format.

4. Measurement Mode

Measurement mode adds practicality to the mix where users are able to measure the floor, the size of the room, and the size of the furniture. This will better assist homebuyers in planning their furniture purchases, renovation plans, and more! Additionally, the measurement mode is generally accurate to within 1% of reality, enhancing the confidence of users as they purchase furniture or do space planning. However, measurements that are taken in the Floorplan view will not be seen in other views like the Dollhouse view and Explore 3D Spaces.

5. Content Tag

Lastly, content tags are often used to highlight any point of interest you would like to emphasize to the audience as additional information. For example, Content Tag can be used as a guide that directs the user to another level in the property, making navigation in the tour a lot more convenient and easier. Another common use of the content tag would be the labeling of Virtually Staged rooms to showcase the ‘Before’ and ‘After’ of a specific room. Youtube videos, images with proper links, website links and more can also be added as Content Tags.

TUBEAR provides Matterport 3D Virtual Tour services that are beneficial to your property listing and even your business. We ensure that our in-house team delivers high-quality projects efficiently and effectively to you.

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1. What exactly is web hosting?

Web hosting is the process of renting a space to house a website/webpage, in our case, will be the housing of Virtual Tours.


2. What does hosting period mean?

It refers to the period of time where your tours are available online for public viewing.

Our virtual tours come with 1 year free hosting.


3. What happens after 1 year of free hosting?

Clients will be notified in advance that the hosting period is coming to an end. You may then decide if you would like to continue hosting your tour online for public viewing. choose to renew your hosting with us.


4. Can we download and keep a copy of our virtual tour?

Unlike videos, virtual tours have to be hosted online and they cannot be downloaded.


5. But I will really like to keep a copy of it, what should I do?

For MAtterport 3D Virtual Tour, we’ll be able to create a walkthrough video at an additional fee, however, do take note that users will no longer be able to navigate freely in the tour.


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