There has been an increase in agents doing Virtual Staging for their Real Estate Listing so those who have not ventured into this service must be wondering why are other agents doing so? Here we will be sharing with you the advantages of Virtual Staging that have attracted many agents:

1. Give the unit a different look from the current condition

Often when the unit is vacant or barely furnished, Virtual Staging is used to showcase to interested buyers the potential of each room and a visualization of how the unit will look once the furniture has been placed inside. This allows buyers to have a gauge of the available space with the furniture placement and plan their purchases well.

Additionally, for some houses that only suit a certain style, Virtual Staging acts as a tool to give future homeowners a viewpoint of whether a specific room suits the preferences they have especially when there is existing furniture in the space. It also helps to present the house in a tidier format with the help of decluttering where we digitally remove the personal items of the owner or tenants.

2. Hassle-Free and Cost Efficient

Rather than spending a large amount of time physically decluttering the existing furniture in and out of the house, Virtual Staging is done through 2D photos which saves the time and cost of engaging traditional staging as we are able to declutter and stage the movable furniture digitally. 

All you need to do is to send us the photos you have taken and we will take care of everything or alternatively, if required we can go down the site and take the photos on your behalf. With Virtual Staging, it allows owners or tenants to easily modify the appearance of the house through photos, saving the hassle of moving the physical items again.

3. Showcase the best features and possibilities of the space

Have a unit with a huge living or bedroom space but you’re not sure how to showcase it to potential buyers? Virtual Staging aids you in presenting these features by digitally adding a 4-seater sofa for the living room or a king-sized bed for the bedroom, showcasing the ample room space of the unit.

By bringing out the best of these features, more buyers will be interested in the listing as it has become common for people to search for new homes online, and ensuring that your listing is well presented with appealing and eye-catching virtually staged photos will better help you to attract more potential buyers to you. 

Instead of showing the original state of the unit that you are selling, why not show interested buyers the potential space the unit has through Virtual Staging? Be it vacant or occupied, the realistic furniture we use for Virtual Staging will be able to bring out the best of the potential space available in the house, letting buyers visualize what their future home will look like.

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Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation are often used to give the space a brand new look through images and there has been an increasing number of agents using these services. However, there are still some confusion between the 2 services hence, let us share with you the main difference between Virtual Staging and Virtual Renovation.

1. Virtual Staging

Virtual Staging involves staging furniture that is non-built-in for example, sofas, beds, tables, and more. New furniture is added in accordance with what kind of space it is (Master Bedroom, Living room etc) and the style you are looking at (Modern, Scandinavian etc) to give the space a new look. If there is existing furniture, decluttering would be required to remove them away in order to add in the new furniture.

2. Virtual Renovation

Meanwhile, Virtual Renovation involves adding or removing built-in furniture or fixtures like ceiling lights, a built-in wardrobe, and kitchen cabinets. Compared to Virtual staging which has a fixed price, Virtual Renovation is based on a quote where the prices vary depending on what needs to be changed. If you would like to remove the wallpaper and replace it with a plain color shown in the photo you have sent, it will be considered as a change in wall texture virtual renovation. 

Usually, some agents would choose to renovate the original state of the kitchen to give their clients a visualization of what a newly renovated one will look like or they would choose to remove a part of the wall to show the space behind it and combine 2 rooms together to maximize the space.

Virtual Staging can be done along with Virtual Renovation, for example, the kitchen cabinets can be replaced with new built-in cabinets along with accessorizing the space with cookbooks, coffee machines, and more. This gives the entire space a different look from before, allowing interested buyers to visualize what their future home will look like.

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Do not use fisheye lenses

1. Do not use fisheye lenses

Photos that use fisheye lenses will have a curvy outcome. The room will not look proportionate and parts of it will be more prominent than the rest. These kinds of photos are not usable for Virtual Staging as the final outcome will look distorted.

2. Focus on the picture so that it is clear and not blurry

A blurry picture is not usable for Virtual Staging as the final outcome will not mesh together as the background is blurry while the furniture is HD.

3. Phone or camera should be held horizontally

Hold the phone or camera horizontally. Keep in mind that the picture should not have too much ground or ceiling.

4. Curtains or window blinds should be uncovered to have natural lighting and reveal the room’s look

Not pulling up the blinds or uncovering the curtains will cause the room to look dark. Photos that are going through Virtual Staging will look better having a brightly lit room as a base.

5. Switch on all the ceiling lights in the room

Switching on the ceiling lights in the room will give additional lighting that is essential in making the room to look bright and be a good base photo.

6. Switch off portable lamps

Portable lamps that you wish to be removed for the virtually staged photo should be switched off! It will cause inconsistent lighting and unwanted shadows if it is on.

7. Put aside objects that are covering fixtures and textured walls

Ensure that the objects are not covering too much of the fixtures— built-in furniture, sink, oven, and textured walls, this gives the editor more information to use during the decluttering process. This will ensure that the room will not look unproportionate.

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