There are currently many companies providing a range of services in the market to help real estate agents like you with the marketing of your property listings. With that, it may be hard to make a decision on which company you should engage with to achieve the best result. 

For us TUBEAR, we hope to be your trusted one-stop-shop in enhancing your property listing for the following reasons:

1. Various Services that help to enhance listings

Firstly, we provide a range of services from Editing to Virtual Tours to Drone and Photography services, each of these services acts as a support to enhance your property listing. With Matterport 3D Virtual Tour that gives buyers a walkthrough throughout the space digitally, Virtual Staging services that attract the eyes of the buyers and give them an idea of how the potential space can be used, we believe that our services will better aid you in securing the deal faster. 

Additionally, we provide Drone services where you can showcase your listing’s surrounding view and amenities to better attract more buyers to purchase the property. Rest assured that for our drone services we are CAAS certified and we have complied with every requirement necessary.

2. Fast Delivery of Projects

Secondly,  the time it takes to edit the virtual tours, images, and clips differs for each property during post-production. However, our team often ensures that we hand over the links within 3 working days such that you are able to put them up into your listing and with that, secure a deal more efficiently and effectively without any hindrance. 

3. Quality results

While ensuring fast delivery, our team also makes sure that the project quality is the highest. Moreover, all our projects are done in-house in Singapore with staff specializing in different aspects to ensure that we bring out the best result to you with sincerity, integrity, and urgency.

With fast and quality projects handover by us, our goal is to provide the best solutions to our clients and bring up the rate of secured deals to you with our innovative technology. For more information, feel free to engage us by visiting our website at www.tubear.co or you can contact us at 8188 8932.

1. Make sure that the cover picture is attractive

First impression matters, to get ahead of other similar listings, the cover picture should be attractive. In other words, the house should not be cluttered, the photo should be bright and HD etc.— you can refer to our previous note for more photography pointers!

2. Do not use the same pictures as other agents

If you and another agent are selling the same property, find a better angle and take a better photo! Showcasing the unit from a better perspective will be a plus point in the prospective buyer’s eyes.

A nicer picture will give you a higher chance of being contacted!

3. Ensure that details are entered correctly

Details such as the direction of the house (north, south, east, west facing), nearby facilities, floor level, the view from the property etc.) should be entered correctly.

Incorrect details will turn prospective buyers away from what they are looking for— a specific direction, view, that does not come with the property.

4. Use technological tools

3D Virtual Tours, Virtual Staging, Videography. Big names in the industry are using these tools to get property viewings and score deals. In the long-term, having these tools on your listings will create a brand for yourself.

And as not all agents are using these tools yet, you can take this chance to set yourself aside from the rest. You can consider these tools as an investment for your branding and career!

5. Promote actively on social media

People will seek for you when they are aware of you and what you offer as they feel a sense of familiarity. They might not seek your service straight-away but will definitely choose you over other agents if your post(s) made a lasting impression. Repetitive promotions about who you are and what you do will also work in some cases.

Therefore, you should have a social media presence. It will be useful as people are always on their social media. Recommended social media sites are Facebook and Instagram!


If you think this FB note is useful, don’t forget to share it with your friends!

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While home staging is a wonderful tool that can increase your chances of finding a buyer, their final decision is still largely dependent on how well you're able to present your property. Beyond aesthetics, clients need to be able to imagine themselves living in their new home when looking at your design.

This is why home staging is all about drilling down and paying attention to the smallest details. In particular, the artwork we use. By paying close attention to the elements used in your design, you can make your staged home stand out from other property sellers in the market.

In this article, we share four of the most important features to consider when selecting the right art for staging your home.


Like any form of visual art, colours can greatly influence the general look of your design. If you are planning to enhance the mood set by your design’s fixed elements, the colours of your décor are the easiest to tweak. For spaces that lack colour, add life by bringing in artwork and furniture with bright accents, but for spaces that are already vibrant, tone down the mood with something neutral.

Needless to say, the colours you choose must coordinate with each other.

TIP: Adjacent colours on the colour wheel are ideal colour combinations.


Incorporating images on walls is a great way to create a homely atmosphere. Notably, the elements portrayed in the images can affect your buyer’s sense of ownership. Choose abstract patterns and inanimate objects as the subject of your gallery. Avoid putting up images that feature people such as family portraits or paintings of random individuals, and photos with religious or political symbolism.


Where and how you place your artwork also has an impact on your home’s appearance. Each room and area in your space must possess visual balance in terms of weight and direction. For instance, if most of your furniture leans on one side of the room, then that side may appear too “heavy”. One easy trick to establish visual harmony is to find the centre line of a room and match elements on both sides as much as possible to create more symmetry.

Size and Scale

Visual balance can also be achieved by being consistent with the size and scale of your items. If you have a moderately sized wall, adding a full-length mirror or a long wall bookshelf can fill up its negative space beautifully. Similarly, a piece of artwork that takes up a good chunk of the negative space on a wall creates a powerful and impactful visual statement. On the other hand, an artwork is that is too small or too large compared to the rest of the room can come off as underwhelming or overpowering.

If you need further guidance in staging your home, do not hesitate to consult with our experts at Tubear!

We specialize in providing 3D Virtual Tour & Virtual Staging services. Our goal is to provide the best virtual interior design services marketing tools to our clients to increase their sales opportunities. Our personnel are highly-skilled and trained to deliver exceptional solutions with sincerity and integrity.

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You know that your property can fetch a fair price on the market, but it’s a matter of convincing your potential buyers. While a bare-bones apartment or house can help potential buyers see how much space is available in your property, some people have a hard time seeing the potential of a place. To close the sale, you can help them envision what your property can be, with the help of virtual staging.

De-personalize your home

It’s difficult to envision a space like yours when you keep seeing reminders of what’s already there. This is one reason why you should keep family photos or personal trinkets out of a room you are showing a potential buyer. However, this can be difficult to do in real life, especially if you or current tenants still live in the space.

Thankfully, decluttering a property can now be done virtually. At TUBEAR, we can digitally erase existing personal items in the photos of your space without the hassle of actually moving them. It also keeps you and your tenants’ personal things private, and it gives your potential buyers the freedom to imagine themselves living in the space.

Highlight the Best Features

Showcasing your property’s best features makes the sale. Do you have a huge window that lets the light in? Or perhaps high ceilings even if the space itself is small? These features may seem small for you but make a huge difference for potential buyers.

When you’re marketing your space, highlighting these features can mean the difference between a sale and an overhang. Bring them to the forefront by staging the property with these features in mind. For example, hanging a chandelier can make people notice high ceilings while maximizing the natural light through cool wall colors can bring attention to big windows.

Don’t worry about the cost of installing new lighting fixtures or repainting. Virtual renovations can easily add these key features to your photos.

Showcase The Possibilities

You don’t have to be limited to the existing tiles and materials on your property. Take the opportunity to spark your buyer’s imagination and help them visualize what the space can become. With virtual renovations, you can swap out flooring for hardwood floors or add moulding to walls to update the look without overstepping on your buyer’s preferences.

Virtual renovations also allow you to give solutions to your potential buyers if the property has cosmetic defects. Show them how you can utilize a load bearing column that you can’t demolish by adding mirrors or using it as an organic divider. Constructing for something that your buyer may not like though is likely to just waste money, so it’s best to try it out with a virtual renovation first.

At TUBEAR, we specialize in virtual staging, virtual renovation, photography, and virtual tours to help you showcase the best of your property to your buyers. Find out more and see how you can maximize your property’s potential by visiting https://www.tubear.co/

Tubear creates immersive Matterport 3D Virtual Tours for businesses to attract potential customers with an engaging and entertaining way to explore their space. This innovative technology allows businesses to set their companies apart from the competition by providing their customers first-look privileges without the hassle of an onsite visit. This applies to many different industries, including:

Real Estate

Real Estate agents often find it difficult to match their schedules with interested buyers. They can often only entertain a certain number of views per day, and there is no guarantee that these viewers will purchase the property. Some prospective homebuyers will also have to take time off from work to view the property, causing more inconvenience. With Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, homebuyers can view the property at their own pace, and agents will also have more time to market more properties.

Travel & Hospitality

Hotels, inns, and restaurants attract guests by relying on a good first impression. Matterport 3D Virtual Tours give potential visitors a deeper understanding of their dream destination. Besides capturing the ambience of a location, visitors are now able to get a 3D experience instead of visualising from a 2D photo, making for a more immersive and stimulating experience.

Office & Space Rentals

Matterport 3D Virtual Tours can be used effectively in showcasing office spaces. Companies and small businesses will get to visualize if a space can bring out the productivity of their employees, and if its architectural design fits their image and branding. It helps them locate and plan the best rooms for specific business purposes.

Retailers & Learning Centres

Reaching out to target customers and student applicants will now be easier for retailers and learning centres. Shoppers can now discover the wide array of products sitting on your store shelves, while parents of children can now remotely evaluate the facilities and learning tools a school can offer.

Tubear’s Matterport 3D Virtual Tour enhances your business’ reach with innovative technology. Cost-effective and convenient, we deliver your space’s Matterport 3D Virtual Tour within three working days. Try out Tubear’s advanced viewing technology today!

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These days, real estate listings can be integrated with the latest technology to make selling property more efficient. Virtual tours stand out as a way to give prospective buyers a way to view the space before visiting the unit. There are two ways to go about it: the 360° Virtual Tour and the Matterport 3D Virtual Tour. Despite sounding similar the purpose, execution and effect differs between these two tours.

Let’s dive into how they differ and how you can use them to make your property listing more attractive:

360° Virtual Tour

Panoramic View

A 360° virtual tour consists of 360° views of individual room or space. The viewer can look around and rotate their view, but they do not have any control over the image beyond the direction they are looking at. Although these static images provide limited viewing options, 360° virtual tours are a great way for a prospective buyer to quickly get a feel of individual rooms and form a broad overall impression of the unit.

3D Virtual Tour

Dollhouse View

Matterport 3D virtual tour stands out by giving viewers full control over what they want to do, where they want to go and how they want to see it. They can explore the property in person, clicking on controls to navigate the rooms like they are physically there – giving them a taste of what it is like to move around in the space. Want to see what’s behind that countertop? No problem. Need a closer look at how much space is in the kitchen? Sure thing.

Matterport 3D virtual tours give prospective buyers a more holistic look at the property, allowing them to explore rooms from different angles - if the prospective buyer needs another perspective, they can even view the property as a dollhouse or top-down like how you would inspect a floorplan. It is also possible to explore the property in Virtual Reality mode to truly take the in-person experience to the next level! Overall, it is a versatile, engaging, and interactive experience that enables agents to highlight the best features of a property and allows buyers to explore the unit freely at their own pace.

The sale process is accelerated because potential buyers can skip the initial stage of first impressions and considerations by getting a feel of the property from the get-go. Those that arrange for an in-person viewing to take up an agent’s time should already be serious about buying the property.

Tubear specializes in providing Matterport 3D Virtual Tours, 360 Virtual Tours, and Virtual Staging services to help property agents beautify their listings at an affordable cost. We provide the best virtual staging services for your properties, thanks to our expert designers who are highly trained in delivering solutions with sincerity, integrity, and urgency.

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Home staging makes it easier for homeowners and agents to sell their properties. It allows buyers to visualise and gauge if a particular listing suits their lifestyle. By presenting a clearer view of the space, staging effortlessly captures the attention of home seekers by emphasising the main features of the listed home.

However, choosing the right type of staging for your home can significantly affect your potential buyer’s interest. Should you invite a stager over to redesign your space or depend on technology to transform its look?

Learn more about the two types of staging and decide which one works better for you and your home.

Traditional Staging

Traditional Staging involves hiring a professional stager to physically rearrange, remove or replace pieces of furniture before listing them up for sale. The process also includes cleaning and decluttering unsightly items.

Traditional staging companies rent furnishings and add fixtures to enhance your property’s face value. Some homeowners also rent a storage unit for their existing belongings that won’t be used for the property’s updated look.

While this type of staging shows buyers exactly how they can lay out their own furniture and what fits where it requires a large amount of money. Traditional staging also confines your choices to the limited styles available to the traditional staging company, making it harder for potential buyers to imagine the space in an interior design theme that they may prefer.

Virtual Staging

On the other hand, Virtual Staging uses highly realistic images to improve the appearance of a property. This type of staging allows owners to easily modify the look of their house, from changing wall colours and table decorations to shifting heavy furniture like sofas. It is also convenient and cost-efficient, taking a short time to prepare for listing.

The agents start by taking photos themselves or by engaging a professional photographer to take photos of the space to be listed. Then, the photos will be decorated with virtual furniture using 3D software, highlighting the benefits of the space. For example, if an apartment has huge windows, designers can easily draw up a version of the space that makes full use of the natural light, changing the wall colours without spending on costly repainting work.

Virtual staging is often used for vacant and barely furnished properties, but it is also a practical way to modernise and upgrade design elements. Since today’s living spaces are mostly advertised online, it also gives your house an edge over listings with empty shells, helping your potential buyers visualise the memories they will be making in their new home.

So, have you decided what type of staging service to avail? Just remember that your choice should be based on the needs and conditions of your home. If you think virtual staging will get you more interested buyers, talk to our expert stagers at TUBEAR!

We specialize in providing 3D Virtual Tour & Virtual Staging services. Our goal is to provide the best virtual interior design services to our clients to increase their sales opportunities. Our personnel are highly-skilled and trained to deliver exceptional solutions with sincerity and integrity.

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