Other than Virtual Tours and Editing Services, TUBEAR provides Drone services too. We are a CAAS operator permit holder with a team of licensed pilots and we have complied to every necessary requirement.


1. Showcase the surroundings from a top-down view

With a virtual tour done within the unit, why not showcase the unit’s surroundings with Drone Photography? Capturing the site’s surroundings allows you to better showcase your listing where it will let your potential buyers visualize the possible amenities realistically around the development. 


2. Dynamic Visuals for your home tour presentation 

Capture detailed images from all angles with aerial photography and videography that offers a different perspective of the site. Attractive visuals will bring more people to you as they gain more interest in your listing if it is something they are looking for.


3. Stand out from your competitors 

Be different and stand out from your competitors to differentiate yourself from other listings!


TUBEAR provides CAAS-certified drone services and we aim to enhance your listing with beautiful aerial views of the site! For more information contact us at 8188 8932 or visit our website at www.tubear.co!

As Drone services are not commonly seen in Singapore, you must be wondering what is it about and why is there an increase in the number of people using them. Let us share with you more about drone services and let you have a better understanding of this:

Drone services are often used in the commercial industry such as aerial photography and videography, inspections, and more. With this, it helps to reduce manpower and cost, especially while doing dangerous activities during inspections. Additionally, it has made work more efficient than before which has also led to an increase in drone services usage.

Usually, companies use drone services to showcase the aerial view of their site as it gives the public a different point of view of the location. Besides checking whether the location is within the permitted flying zone before proceeding to apply for the shoot, all drones need to be registered and pilots have to obtain a license in order to operate. Flying a drone without a relevant license, certificate, or operating a drone weighing over 7kg will result in a fine, imprisonment, or worse cases both.  

Interested in Drone Services? TUBEAR is one of the companies that provide CAAS certified commercial drone services currently and we aim to present to you beautiful aerial views of your site! For more information contact us at 8188 8932 or visit our website at www.tubear.co